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    The difference between drip irrigation belt and drip irrigation tube

    Drip irrigation technology saves water, saves energy, and promotes high yield, which is the increasingly popular agricultural irrigation technology. The commonly used drip irrigation equipment is drip irrigation belt and drip irrigation tube...

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    Precautions for greenhouse vegetable irrigation

    Reasonable irrigation is an important measure to ensure the robust growth of greenhouse vegetables and increase yield. Greenhouse vegetable irrigation depends on both the weather and the land. According to experience, the following four mea...

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    Advantages of potato drip irrigation system

    Drip-filled potatoes after many years of domestic projects, proved that there are indeed a variety of advantages, including higher economic efficiency, more environmentally friendly ecological friendliness, more far-reaching agricultural so...

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    Advantages and Disadvantages of Water-saving Irrigation Technology

    Benefits of water-saving irrigation: 1. Water saving At present, most flower enterprises also use artificial water pipe watering, this way not only uneven watering and there is a large amount of waste of water problems. If the plug-in, drip...

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    What are the precautions for drip irrigation fertilization?

    The greatest benefit of using fertilizer by drip-watering is the ability to bring fertilizer to the roots of the plant while watering, while also ensuring that the plant better absorbs nutrients. And there are a lot of plants that can be ch...

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    The difference between drip irrigation tape and drip irrigation pipe

    Drip irrigation tape: ● Drip irrigation tapes use the advantages of their own pipes to directly irrigate water to the roots of crops through the orifice or dripper of a capillary tube with a diameter of about 10mm. The irrigation effect i...

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    Uses and Advantages of Flat Emitter Drip Tape

    Use of labyrinth Flat Emitter Drip Tape: ● Single wing: This equipment is used for non-reusable drip irrigation belts with PE holes and recycled materials as the main raw materials, extrusion blow molding, and vacuum mold molding on one s...

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    8 common errors with drip irrigation systems

    1. Unreasonable irrigation system The drip irrigation flow is low, and the user often does not see the irrigation process. If the irrigation time is too long, there will be a waste of deep leakage, and if the irrigation time is too short, t...



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