Advantages of potato drip irrigation system

Drip-filled potatoes after many years of domestic projects, proved that there are indeed a variety of advantages, including higher economic efficiency, more environmentally friendly ecological friendliness, more far-reaching agricultural social constructive, the following China's most irrigation specific explanation of the advantages of drip-filled potato content.

1. Economic benefits
After the application of potato drip irrigation system, the average potato yield per acre (667m2) reached 4000kg, more than 25% more than conventional irrigation, the commodity rate reached more than 98%; The amount of 0.8 kg, compared to conventional irrigation savings 15% to 30%, the average per acre (667m2) fertilizer consumption of 120 kg, compared to conventional irrigation fertilizer 40% to 50%, the average per acre (667m2) electricity consumption of 20 kWh, energy saving 40% to 50%. Save s2 per acre (667m2).

2. Ecological benefits
Potato water fertilizer integrated irrigation technology is a new agricultural technology that integrates irrigation and fertilization, is the use of pressure system, soluble solid or liquid fertilizer, according to soil nutrient content and crop type of fertilizer demand laws and characteristics, the mixed fertilizer and irrigation water together through the controllable pipeline system water supply, fertilizer, so that water fertilizer melts, Through pipe spriging, uniform, timing, quantitative, soaked crop root system development and growth area, so that the main root soil always maintain loose and suitable water content, at the same time according to the characteristics of different crops fertility, soil environment and nutrient content, crops different long-term water demand, fertilizer demand law of different requirements design, The timed quantification of water and nutrients is provided directly to crops, water, fertilizer, medicinal quantity, low-carbon environmental protection, improve resource utilization, reduce pollution from agricultural sources, protect natural ecological resources, conserve water resources, and highlight ecological benefits.

3. Social Benefits
The development of modern agricultural production and potato industry concentrates the technical achievements of many projects, saves a lot of manpower, material and financial resources, is conducive to potato producers, potato processing enterprises, potato seed enterprises, agricultural film recycling processing enterprises, agricultural machinery cooperatives and other socialized service organizations to grow and develop, is conducive to the construction of potato industry base, In order to build a high standard production base for potatoes, improve food production capacity, and drive more farmers to increase production and income. Three effects in one, effectively reduce the agricultural surface source pollution.

potato drip irrigation system



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