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    Sprinkler Irrigation Technology

    Sprinkler irrigation is a water-saving irrigation technique in which irrigation water is pressurized (using a pump or a natural drop in water source), piped to a nozzle, and water is ejected from a nozzle to evenly disperse fine water dropl...

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    How to use the micro spray tape correctly?

    Micro-spray tape installation method: 1. According to the line pitch with the pipe belt accessories, measure the pipe belt and the supervisor. 2. Installation. The supervisor with one end of the leather tube (the leather tube connects the p...

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    What is a Micro Spray Tape?

    Micro-spray tape is a new type of micro-irrigation equipment, the principle of the work is to use water pressure through the water pipe and micro-spray pipe tape to the field, through the micro-spray tape water hole, under the role of gravi...

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    Introduction to drip irrigation tape

    Drip irrigation tape is the use of plastic pipe (drip irrigation pipe) lead way to send water through the diameter of about 10 mm of hair tube mouth or drip head to the root of the crop for local irrigation, through the flow of the mouth ve...

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    Precautions for fruit tree drip irrigation

    1. Calculate the pressure of the drip irrigation system The water pressure in the pipe affects the operation of the whole fruit tree drip irrigation system, so the water pressure must be adjusted to a reasonable range, the pressure is too h...

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    Precautions for the use of drip irrigation tape

    Drip irrigation tape is the water drops a drop, uniform and slowly into the soil near the plant root system irrigation method, the drip flow is small, the water drops slowly into the soil, can be the maximum limit to reduce evaporation loss...

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    The 126th China Import and Export Fair

    It is the largest trade fair in China . Among Chinas largest trade fairs, it has the largest assortment of products, the highest attendance, and the largest number of business deals made at the fair. We wait you here, friends! Hebei Orient...

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    Advantages of Sprinkler Irrigation

    1. Water saving Sprinkler irrigation can control the amount of water spray and uniformity of irrigation, avoiding the loss of surface runoff and deep leakage easily generated during ground irrigation, thus improving water use efficiency and...



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