PE Micro Spray Tape

pe micro spray tape micro spray tape

Micro irrigation spray tape is also named as sprinkler hose, rain tape, rain hose, , perforated tube etc. It is a flat PE hose with laser punched holes to spray water mistily.  Micro irrigation spray tape irrigation system is a low cost and high efficient farm quick irrigation solution. It is easy to install, maintain, reallocate and works with low water pressure to save labor and energy. Comparing with traditional flooding irrigation, It can save more than 50% water, and increase the harvest 60%~80%.We can supply rain tape and related accessories.

Micro spray tape with double layer co-extrusion production technology, laser precision punching, hydraulic like rain, uniform, fine does not hurts crops, anti-clogging performance id good, easy installation, remove, mobile performance is good, price is low, costs is low.

The micro spraying tape,drip irrigation tape is also called porous tube, water spraying tape, spray irrigation belt, micro-spray irrigation pipe. Sets of holes are on the pressed flat tape mechanically or by laser, to micro irrigation water-saving irrigation equipment. Normally each set with three,five or more holes in each group is laid directly on the ground, and the water flow in the air can form a micro-sprinkling irrigation effect similar to that of fine rain.


1. Saving labor cost 50%-80%, saving water 40%-80%, saving fertilizer 50%, increase the crops 10%-30%.

2. Using high quality raw material and anti-ultraviolet ration, anti-aging.

3. Testing anti-aging life fro more than 3 years, low working pressure, low energy consumption.

4. The hole layout design is scientific, the aperture is smooth, not easy to plug and spray uniform is high, no wind and breeze weather ensure normal use.

5. Flexible design, convenient operation and sufficient standard meters.

6. Irrigation uniform, irrigation are is large, increase crops.

7. Easy to store and handle, easy to install and operate.


Fold diameter: 25-120mm, diameter: 16-75mm, thickness: 0.15-6mm, hole number: 3-7

Spray area: 1-10 meter, working pressure: 40-200kpa

The main model of the micro spray tape: fold diameter( 32mm ,40mm, 50mm, 63mm)

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