Uses and Advantages of Flat Emitter Drip Tape

Use of labyrinth Flat Emitter Drip Tape:
● Single wing: This equipment is used for non-reusable drip irrigation belts with PE holes and recycled materials as the main raw materials, extrusion blow molding, and vacuum mold molding on one side with drip holes and labyrinth.
● Labyrinth drip irrigation belt is widely used for irrigation of crops in fields, greenhouses, fruit trees, flowers, vegetables, cotton, corn, wheat and other crops. It is a professional equipment that saves water and energy and increases production and income.
● Multi-layer: two extruders are co-extruded in the mold to improve the bonding strength and pumping capacity of drip irrigation belts to avoid tube bursting and cracking.

Flat Emitter Drip Tape Features:
● Inline flat dripper drip irrigation belt is an integrated drip irrigation belt with a flat dripper inlaid on the inner wall of a pipe belt.
● The dripper is integrated with the pipe belt, which is easy to install and use, low in cost and low in investment.
● The dripper has a self-filtering window with good anti-clogging performance.
● Adopt labyrinth flow channel, which has certain pressure compensation effect.
● The distance between the drip tips can be determined according to user requirements.

The role of drip irrigation tape:
It is currently the most effective water-saving irrigation method in arid and dry regions, and its water utilization rate can reach 95%. Drip irrigation has a higher water-saving and yield-enhancing effect than sprinkler irrigation. At the same time, it can be combined with fertilization to increase the fertilizer efficiency by more than double. It can be used for irrigation of fruit trees, vegetables, cash crops and greenhouses. It can also be used for irrigation of field crops in dry and deficient places. The disadvantage is that the dripper is easy to scale and block, so the water source should be strictly filtered. At present, domestic equipment has basically passed customs, and areas with conditions should actively develop drip irrigation.

Notes on the use of patch Flat Emitter Drip Tape:
● Drip irrigation pipes and drippers are prone to blockage and require high water quality, so filters must be installed
● It is because drip irrigation cannot regulate the microclimate in the field, and it is not suitable for freezing period irrigation. In vegetable irrigation, drip irrigation system cannot be used for topdressing fertilizer.
● The investment in drip irrigation is high, and the economic benefits of crops must be considered;
● Burns of drip irrigation belts. When laying drip irrigation belts, pay attention to compacting and mulching the film so that the film is as close as possible to the drip irrigation belt. Avoid focusing by sunlight through water droplets. Level the land before sowing to reduce the pits and depressions. Prevent the soil film, weeds, and weeds from supporting the mulch, causing water vapor to form a lens effect under the mulch, and burn the drip irrigation zone. When laying, the drip irrigation tape can be buried to avoid focus burns.

Uses and Advantages of Flat Emitter Drip Tape



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