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    Attention! These can affect the working life of the flat drip tape!

    Hows your flat drip tape?Do you know what factors will affect the working life of the flat drip tape ? When we buy flat drip tape,we are more concerned about isworking life.There are many manufacturers of flat drip tapein the market, and the...

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    128th Canton Fair invitation

    The 128th Canton Fair will be held online on October 15th. New and old customers are welcome to log on to the platform to consult products and watch the live broadcast. Orientflex Rubber Plastics welcome you!...

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    What Are the Advantages of Irrigation Hoses?

    What are the advantages of irrigation hoses In recent years, micro-drip irrigation has been increasingly used in the agricultural field, including drip irrigation and micro-sprinkler irrigation. One of the most widely used methods is on-site...

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    Advantages of spray irrigation

    1. Water-saving, fertilizer-saving, labor-saving: micro-spraying is a full pipeline water delivery and local micro-irrigation, which minimizes water leakage and loss. At the same time, because it can supply the water needed by the roots in...

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    Applicable conditions of drip tape

    Using drip irrigation tape is an effective water-saving irrigation method in arid and water-deficient areas. The water saving rate is very high. So what are the applicable conditions of drip irrigation tape? 1. It is used to grow crops in g...

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    Advantages of drip irrigation system for fruit trees

    For the cultivation of perennial fruit trees, more and more growers are beginning to install dropper systems. At present, the installation of dropper systems is also uneven across the country. Some areas have realized the integration of wat...

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    Matters needing attention in drip irrigation system fertilization

    Drip irrigation system fertilizatio n, on the one hand, because the soluble fertilizer is directly applied to the root zone of the crop with water, there is no waste of fertilizer on the open space between the crops. On the other hand, drip...

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    How to use and maintain drip tape?

    Although the drip irrigation belt has many advantages, it can also improve the yield and quality of the crop. If the drip irrigation belt is not properly used and managed, the drip irrigation belt may not achieve the expected results, or it...



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