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    What Kinds of Plants are Suitable for Drip Irrigation and Micro Spray Irrigation?

    Do you know different kinds of plants are suitable for different irrigation methods? For vegetables, drip irrigation should be used. For flowers, seedlings, soilless plants, and ornamental plants, micro spray irrigation is usually used. Veg...

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    A Container of PE Irrigation Tape was Loaded

    One container of PE irrigation tape loaded on Apr. 22, 2021. It will be shipped to Algeria, in time as negotiated. Orientflex produces irrigation hoses, PVC hoses, industrial hoses, hydraulic hoses, silicone vacuum hoses, pneumatic hoses an...

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    How to Repair the Leakage of PE Micro Rain Spray Pipe?

    Some customers said that the PE micro rain spray pipe used for a long time will appear leakage phenomenon, asked us how to solve the problem. Encounter this kind of problem, of course, it should be repaired in time. Then I will introduce re...

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    How to Choose Agricultural Drip Tape?

    Drip irrigation is now commonly used irrigation technology, save water and time, but also promote high grain yield. Today I will tell you about how to choose agricultural drip tape. To judge the quality of drip tape, it is necessary to firs...

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    Precautions for the Use of Agricultural Drip Irrigation System

    The normal operation of drip irrigation system in agriculture is not only related to the quality of products and construction. There is also a more important point is the rational use and maintenance of irrigation systems. Points needing at...

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    How to Select Pressure Compensated Emitter for Agricultural Irrigation?

    The meaning of compensate in pressure compensate emitter is in the main performance parameters of the drop emitter, flow is carried out on the stability of the compensation, pressure compensation drop emitter wholesale manufacturers, in sho...

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    How to Avoid Micro Spray Clogging?

    We all know that micro spray hose equipment is operated by water as the medium, so in order to avoid the occurrence of adverse conditions such as blockage, there are specific requirements for water quality. 1. Avoid oil and debris in the wa...

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    How to do a Good Scientific Irrigation for Off-Season Fruits and Vegetables?

    Fruits and vegetables are supposed to be the freshest in season, and everyone loves them. But people also pursue things with rare for expensive, the fruit and vegetable that is out of season also is peoples heart love. Therefore, people beg...



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