ARDE H Type Irrigation Filter

ARDE H Type Irrigation Filter
ARDE automatic cleaning filter filtration efficiency and stability.

Minimize energy consumption and maintenance costs.

This series of filters can be divided into automatic back flush, Disc filters and Screen filters.

Working principle:

1. water flow (1) enters the base inlet water pressure and the spring causes the core cover to press the filter Disc

2. flow centrifugal effect produced by centrifugal disc (2 ) with large

3. filtered water from the stack into a water outlet cavity (3 ) out of (4)

4. back flush water flow from (4) into the filter core cover, net cover, Disc loosen automatically flow from the hole filter according to the direction of the arrow to disperse the purple jet Disc, thorough cleaning of Disc, and then discharged from the sewage out fall

particles of water thrown on the inner wall of the cylinder body and focus on the top of the body with small particles of impurities Disc filtration.

5. when a filter unit is completed, the core cover is automatically back to the initial position, pressing the stack, starting a new round of filtering, and the next filter unit to enter the stage of the anti back flush.
ARDE H Type Irrigation Filter
ARDE H Type Irrigation Filter
ARDE H Type Irrigation Filter Specification
ARDE H Type Irrigation Filter Selection

"ARDE" According to 10m³ to 1000m³/h over a variety of water flow, according to the needs of customers to provide a variety of flow filtration equipment.
ARDE H Type Irrigation Filter