Sandstone filter

Sandstone filter
Product Name: Sand and gravel filter sand and gravel filter group
Material: Iron
Product features: good filtering effect, stable performance
The backwash sand filter is made of cylindrical double tank. The filter medium is 0.6-1.OMM quartz sand and pebbles, etc. The filtration precision can be changed by changing the particle size of the sand. The clean water of the double tank directly backwashes the impurities in the other tank. It is a more effective filter for treating organic and inorganic impurities in the water, and is often used for the filtration of surface water sources (river, pond). Sand and gravel filters are usually used in combination with mesh filters.
The inside of the tank adopts a double-layer structure, the upper part of the filter plate is the sand bed and the impurity storage space, and the lower part is the clean water circulation space. And there is a sewage outlet at the bottom of the tank, and the dirt that may be deposited on the bottom of the tank can be removed from the bottom end at any time.According to the irrigation project dosage and filtration requirements, it can be used alone, or in multiple combinations or in combination with mesh filters and lamination filters. filter effect.