Sustainable Development and the Development of Water-Saving Irrigation

Water-saving irrigation is very important for many industries. With the continuous improvement and optimization of advanced technology products, Orientflex's water-saving irrigation products will play a big role in various industries. We believe that we will bring more surprises and miracles to users and let us create a brilliant future together.

Brilliant future requires us to make outstanding achievements and pay more efforts. The quality of water-saving irrigation engineering equipment is uneven, the equipment is not matched, the degree of standardization and serialization is poor, and the maintenance service can not keep up. Due to quality problems or delayed maintenance of many engineering equipment, the service life of the project is short and the damage rate is high, which affects the promotion of water-saving irrigation technology.

From the perspective of sustainable development, agricultural water-saving should be considered as a whole from a more macroscopic perspective. Because agricultural water saving is not only an engineering problem, technical problem, but also a social problem, economic problem. It involves the adjustment of agricultural planting structure, the adjustment of industrial structure, the benefit of grain planting and the vital interests of farmers.

Foreign agricultural irrigation is the same, we should find ways to achieve efficient and economical irrigation. Orientflex provides high quality water saving irrigation products such as PE layflat hose, drip irrigation tape, micro spray rain pipe, PE agricultural pipe and corresponding fittings. Orientflex is committed to providing high quality hoses and one-stop service.



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